Trump going to expose how flawed Western systems are ― Charles Lambert

official opening of Black Wall Street Economic War house now November 2
Charles Lambert

African philosopher and economic activist Charles N Lambert has stated that those who created politics will forever remain the villains in the history of the world when it’s all done and dusted.

Lambert further stated that politicians only desire to seek control over fellow human beings and be able to unleash state power over them by participating in a very flawed and highly manipulative system called Democracy.

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According to him, “the world’s current ideas are very prone to hijack and exploitation.

“Trump is just going to expose how flawed both him and the Western systems are.
We await their imminent collapse.”

Lambert who was reacting to a Facebook post made by United States’ president, Donald Trump is the leader of Africa’s first Economic War whose target is to take millions of Africans out of poverty and build one nation that will as well put an end to Western exploitation in Africa.

Trump had in his post said that the People are not going to stand for having this Election stolen from them by a privately owned Radical Left company, Dominion, and many other reasons!

You would recall that President Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to President-elect Joe Biden and since then has refused to concede defeat.

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