Treats to Nairobians as Ukrainian embassy showcases contribution to Kenya’s government

It was pomp, colour and a hub of activity at Almas Towers after Ukrainian embassy indulged Nairobi residents with free Ukrainian honey cake and baked goods.

In an event dubbed ‘Together we Rise’ spearheaded by Ukraine’s humanitarian programme, Grain from Ukraine, showcased the different kinds of foods from grain in a bid to demonstrate the Ukrainian President’s humanitarian initiative supports lives and food supplies across Kenya.

The festival slated for March 2nd -3rd, 2024 comes at the back drop of a 25,000 tonnes shipment of Ukrainian grain that is already in the country for this initiative.

The flagship humanitarian initiative was founded by the President of Ukraine, Volodomyr Zelenskyy, in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) to bypass the barriers put on the global food system by Russia’s invasion and blockade of his country in February 2022.

Since the initiative was launched in 2022, Grain from Ukraine has distributed 195,000 tonnes of grain and 7,600 tonnes of flour to countries facing food shortages and rising prices because of the ongoing conflict, including 25,000 tonnes to Kenya alone, demonstrating how Grain from Ukraine supports lives and livelihoods across the country.

The festival is expected to attract visitors in Nairobi as well as across the country.

“President Zelenskyy has put food security at the heart of his Peace Formula for just and lasting peace, with Grain from Ukraine a key pillar to guarantee food security worldwide, both now and in the long-term future” said Ukrainian Ambassador to Kenya, His Excellency Andrii Pravednyk

“Ukraine is actively seeking a way out of the global food crisis caused by the ongoing war, keeping its promises as a world food guarantor even despite its dire situation.” He added.

“President Zelenskyy’s Grain from Ukraine initiative shows how Ukraine cares  The event also seeks to harness the agricultural trade between Ukraine and Kenya, following the visit of a high-level Ukrainian delegation to Nairobi in early February that focused on how the two countries can work together to build food security for the entire region through technological advances in agriculture.

The delegation, which represented Ukraine’s civil, academic, cultural, and political sector, was led by Member of the Ukrainian parliament Lesia Vasylenko. Before 2022, Ukraine annually produced food for 400 million people.

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