Traders Speak Out On New Soroti Market

Traders that conduct business in Soroti city in Teso sub region have expressed mixed reactions on the newly constructed Soroti main market in Soroti city.

Some say, the market will boost trade in the area while others are concerned it might have killed off several small businesses.

Over the weekend, President Museveni commissioned the newly constructed Soroti main market in Soroti city.

Abraham Odyata who has a store of beverages in Soroti city.

The structure has 1,390 facilities including stalls and retail stores, and is expected to create about 3000 jobs for the residents of Soroti, along the local trade and supply chain.

Abraham Odyata, who has a store of beverages in Soroti city expressed optimism that the new market will boost business in the new city.

Soroti Market entrance

“Many people will come to this market basing on the fact that it has a lot of capacity to accommodate very many people. It will improve trade in the area because it has been brought closer to the people and basing on the interior design, it is so attractive in a way that people from other places see this as a focal place for Teso. So, they will be attracted to come and see. And as they are forced to come and see, they will buy,” said Odyata.

Asked whether he and perhaps other people from Soroti could be influenced by the market to vote for Museveni in 2021, Odyata said, “It’s part of development. We do appreciate.”

On the contrary, Muzamiru Mugonyi, another trader who operates a store of processed agricultural products fears business at the new market might take long to pick up.

Muzamiru Mugonyi who deals in processed agricultural products

“The challenge is that people are financially crippled because of COVID-19 which slowed business. Small business owners whose capital was below 3 million were heavily affected,” said Mugonyi.

“Change cannot favour all people. Although the market has been built, it will not give starting capital to people who would want to do business. Many people lack starting capital,” he said.

He added that the demolition of the old market to pave way for the construction of a new one, wound up small business that never revived.



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