Top 5 most expensive schools in Ghana

Accessing quality education in Ghana can come with a high price tag. While there are affordable public and private schools available, some parents opt to send their children to extremely expensive schools, some of which charge tuition fees in dollars.

The desire of the wealthy to ensure their children are in a separate class has led to the emergence of private schools in the capital that charge exorbitant fees.

Ghbase News will explore five schools that fall into this category and detail their fees.

Ultimately, it is the cost of tuition and additional charges that create a divide between these schools and others.

1 . Lincoln Community School

Lincoln Community School, situated in Abelenkpe, Accra, caters to a diverse expatriate community linked to various embassies, Foreign Service agencies, NGOs, United Nations organizations, and international corporations.

As an International Baccalaureate World School, it provides Primary Years, Middle Years, and Diploma Programs.

The student body consists of a significant number of Ghanaian nationals, with 25% being American, 8% Ghanaian, and 67% from other nationalities. The medium of instruction is English, with classes available from preschool to grade 12.

The academic year is divided into two semesters (August–December & January–June) and further segmented into quarterly assessment periods. Established in 1968, Lincoln Community School has a rich history of providing quality education.

Here’s how much school fees they pay per class.

Pre – Kindergarten  USD 16,167
Kindergarten  USD 23,084
Grades 1-5  USD 23,797
Grades 6-8  USD 25,393
Grades 9-10  USD 26,905
Grades 11 & 12  USD 28,164

2 . American International School

Situated in East Legon, Accra, this prestigious educational institution prides itself on being a hub of diverse cultures, talents, and ideas, as stated on its official website.

They value and embrace the richness that diversity brings to their academic setting.

Moreover, they are committed to identifying and fostering the individual talents and potential of every student.

By providing personalized care and assistance, their objective is to empower students to thrive and uncover their unique strengths.

They use the American curriculum and pay approximately GH¢80,000 for tuition.

SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College

The school provides both the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP). The MYP focuses on intellectual stimulation, prompting students to link their learning in core subjects with practical applications in the real world.

It aims to cultivate communication skills, intercultural awareness, and a sense of global responsibility—key attributes for preparing youth to thrive as global citizens. On the other hand, the Diploma Programme (DP) is a demanding academic curriculum designed for pre-university students.

The school is based in Tema. In 2021, each student pays about GH¢39,000 to 78,000 for tuition per term. They also use the British curriculum. Judging

4 . Al-Rayaan International School

The official website of the school says ARIS is one of the leading IB World Schools in Ghana and Africa as a whole, as it sets on a journey towards inclusion, collaboration, and innovation.

The ARIS Educational Model is centred on our students’ personalised learning, performance and experiences, giving an ode to student agency as they take ownership of their learning.

As a fully authorized institution, ARIS offers the IB Primary Years Programme, IB Middle Years Programme, IB Diploma Programme, and the IB Career-related Programme. Notably, we have made history as the first continuum school in Africa to provide all four IB Programmes, solidifying our position on the educational map.

They use Islamic, British and Cambridge curriculums. Presently, we have limited information about how much each student pays. The tuition fee is about $6,750 to $8,750 per term 3 years ago.

5 . Ghana International School (GIS)

Ghana International School, situated in Cantonment, Accra, Ghana, is a coeducational international school with a student body representing a variety of backgrounds.

The diverse enrollment at Ghana International School includes students from various countries and cultural backgrounds. Information about their tuition fee can be found here.

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