Tilly the dog goes viral for ‘saving’ owners from a shark [video]

A video showing a loyal dog ‘saving’ her owners from a shark has gone viral after a video of the ‘incident’ was shared on Instagram.

Going viral

According to All4Women, Jack Strickland is a partner in a business called Back2Basics adventures specialising in fishing and outdoor adventures in Australia.

“Our mission is get more people connecting with the great outdoors, as often as possible. Whether Fishing, freediving, spearing, camping, gettin’ off the grid, the simple things in life for us add the most value,” states the businesses website.

And while Jack was observing a small black tip shark that was swimming in shallow waters off Haggerstone Island, his partner was filming the encounter. That’s when Jack’s dog Tilly thought the shark was a little too close to her human for comfort.

“The video shows the kelpie dog leaping into action, splashing her way between the shark and her owner, then swimming into deeper water just to make sure  she’d chased the ‘danger’ far away.”

Too cute

Tilly has been praised for her efforts on social media.

“Wow that looks super cool,” said one social media user. “Mad dog mate. Lucky that didn’t go south. Haha.”

“We have a kelpie names Tilly and she’s very protective too,” said another.

About kelpies

It is said that people still use Australian kelpies across Australia and the United States for their herding instincts. That suits these dogs just fine, as they’re happiest when they have a job to do. Those who want to keep one of these dogs as a pet would do well to remember that because a bored Australian kelpie may make their own fun by acting out and engaging in destructive behaviour.

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