This unfortunate incident happened in one of the homes in Kakamega – This country needs a lot of prayers.

Saturday, November 20, 2021 – A fight between three unreasonable brothers on Wednesday night, turned tragic after one of them killed their mother who had tried to prevail upon them to stop fighting. 

Makomere Shikokongo, 35, John Omoro, 25 and Joseph Amakobe, 40, had turned their mother’s compound in Ibokolo, Kakamega county into a battlefield, where they physically went for each other’s throats over an unknown issue. 

When things got out of hand after an exchange of punches and kicks, their concerned mother intervened in a bid to separate them. 

But one of her sons who did not take her actions kindly, kicked her sending her on the ground a few metres away and continued facing off with his brothers.

 All this happened as their 63-year-old father Paul Shikokongo was away from home.

Last night, the 60-year-old woman who had complained of body aches as a result of the attack, died in her house since she had not been taken to the hospital for medical attention. 

The suspect Makomere Shikokongo has since been arrested by detectives and has been placed in custody for the offense of Murder.


The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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