‘This is why Melusi left’: ‘Gomora’ fans are unimpressed with season 3

Viewers of Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Gomora are unhappy with season three’s storylines…from Gugu staying with MamSonto, Thati (Katlego Danke) throwing her wig next to the dead body, Bongani (Thulani Mtsweni) not owning the chisanyama, and many more.   

Viewers reckon this is why Melusi played by Zolisa Xaluva left the show because he didn’t agree with the writers.   

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Gomora is so mixed up! It doesn’t make sense anymore.
Gugu is staying with Sonto as what?
Thati carried that body?
Why did she throw in the wig? Where is Buhle?
What happened to that cop that was after Zodwa?#gomoramzansi #gomora

— Moses (@Moses_Buju_M) April 29, 2022


#GomoraMzansi wants writers to go back to the drawing board and re-write the storyline for this season as they’re not making sense.   

Season three began a week ago with the departures of actors Zolisa Xaluva, Buyile Mdladla who played the role of Phumlani, and the temporary departure of Ama Qamata who played the character of Buhle.   

Melusi got arrested for killing Phumlani and Buhle ran away when she found out what he’d been doing in in the community.  

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Apparently since Chris took over the writing it’s gone south … season 2 has been a real mess

— Zamo (@MakukuleZamo) April 29, 2022



“The script is a hot mess. Thati throwing her wig will pin her to the crime as her DNA will be linked to the wig so why do that?”

“Gugu choosing the Sonto family is unrealistic. Bongani not owning the shisa nyma?”  


“Gomora is taking us for a ride! Because what bullcrab is this? They are testing our intelligence these, sies.” 


“Why does Ntokozo always go to Mazet but never know anything to say?”

“Teddy had the story between Sdumo and Stompie but never said anything to anyone about it.”

“So much is not making sense here.” 


“The show is soo predictable these days, I just knew Mzozozo’s move to the new house was too good to be true.”  


“I am upset about this. Like since when. I just cannot with this bull. ” 


“The storylines on Gomora are degenerating.”  


“This new season is all over the place, I don’t get it.” 


“Aiiii this is troubling…the twist makes no sense.”  



“I am worried about this show, I feel like they have lost their way.”

“I hope they find it cause it was one of my faves.”  

I need the old writers of Gomora to come back bc What is this mess?? #gomoramzansi

— Palesa Mashaba (@APinkStarBurstt) May 3, 2022

Guys give us a proper story line. Suddenly it’s not his tavern. That’s why Melusi left. This is madness you are out of ideas now.

— That Cool Guy (@Sabelo_waka_God) May 3, 2022

Haaai today I got so confused, Bongani is not the owner.. haai cut cut I also stopped watching the queen both soapies have reached expiry date #gomoramzansi

— Noma (@Noma64174757) May 3, 2022

For once we saw a postive Storyline via Bongani…But the script was flipped and now Bongani does not own shisanyama? njani…After two season?!.Bore me please #GomoraMzansi

— yaya (@MabuselaAyanda) May 3, 2022

#GomoraMzansi Gomora and incomplete random story lines hayino.

Buhle??? Where Phumlani got his money and the random man he always spoke too??? Gladys finding her mom? Police being after Zodwa

The writers in Gomora are doing Trail and Error on us

— Annelleey (@aneleamandaKay) May 3, 2022

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Why is #Gomora doing this to us?
Since when is bongani not the owner of the chisanyama?
No maan #GomoraMzansi #gomoramzanzi

— nowy_minelly (@MinellyNowy) May 3, 2022

That was lazy writing. Even Thathi doesn’t know what he did exactly #GomoraMzansi

— Jay da Meme Champion (@RewindMzansi) May 4, 2022

That was lazy writing. Even Thathi doesn’t know what he did exactly #GomoraMzansi

— Jay da Meme Champion (@RewindMzansi) May 4, 2022

I stopped watching this nosense called #GomoraMzansi . Writers must improve their skill.

— Chief Mkhulu (@ChiefMkhulu) May 4, 2022

#gomoramzansi I don’t understand why we couldn’t just let Zodwa get her new house in peace

Not Gomora pulling a The River on us pic.twitter.com/FmytAlXxyw

— Annelleey (@aneleamandaKay) May 3, 2022

I quit pic.twitter.com/zICTY0VF7P

— Hakeem (@Hakeem18102560) May 3, 2022

La bona hore season 3 ya #GomoraMzansi #Gomora ke mess
All of a sudden Bongani’s Shisa nyama doesn’t belong to him
Ahh suka

— Boitumelo (@goddess_boity) May 3, 2022