October 28, 2021


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This is what would happen if ‘Squid Game’ was played in SA! [watch]

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After the South Korean drama became Netflix’s most-watched show, Squid Game has made headlines in South Africa and across the globe.

In the first 28 days of release, Netflix says that Squid Game has “reached” 111 million fans, after presumably using Netflix’s metric of people watching at least two minutes of a movie or show for that to count, reports Forbes.

That 111 million figure ultimately placed it a full 29 million ahead of the former No 1 series, Bridgerton

‘Squid Game’ South Africa?

Following the success of the series – which follows the story of 456 cash-strapped contestants who are risking their lives for a tempting cash prize – many are sharing recipes for Dalgona candy, while others are hoping to buy the robot doll from the first episode.

i made dalgona candy / honeycomb from #squidgame i only lasted 30 seconds so i don’t think i would survive pic.twitter.com/6C4hvfBR02

— 𝐄𝐯𝐢𝐭𝐚 (@Evita_Evitoula) October 7, 2021

Others are seemingly already planning their Halloween outfits.

Halloween costume progress! #SquidGame pic.twitter.com/StnqoN7YZN

— Granny Jess (@pancake_ke) October 12, 2021

Must-watch ‘Squid Game SA’ videos

Apart from that, South Africans took to social media to imagine what it would be like if Squid Game were to take place in South Africa, and it is hilarious.

Various videos on TikTok shows what South Africans would have done to try to stay alive and win the ultimate prize of R567 million.


#greenscreen Mandoza had y’all by the neck #tiktokcomedyclub #tiktoksa #squidgame #squidgamenetflix #squidgameSA

♬ Squid Game Featuring Mandoza Nkalatha – Lurdes Laice


South Africans won’t let this flop, right? DUET THIS!! #SQUIDGAME #squidgamenetflix #tiktoksa #southafrica #sisterbettina #deentee

♬ original sound – Derek & Thembe


A South African version of “Red Light, Green Light” #squidgame #tiktoksouthafrica

♬ original sound – Simo Ziqubu


SQUID GAMES IN SA BE LIKE #fyp #amapiano #AllInFlavourSayI #WASHA #Repyourheritage



South Africa will never disappoint ##fyp ##squid ##squidgame @kvngvinci


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