‘This is just sad…’ comedian David the Student now cab driver speaks after he was abused by racist passenger

David the student

David Kangogo popularly known as comedian David the Student has been trending on Twitter after he was attacked by a racist passenger in Issaquah, a city in Washington State.

David the student, who works as a cab driver had a bad day in office after a white man started hurling insults at him. The comedian remained calm and recorded a video of the man who can be heard insulting him and calling him a n***a.

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He received a lot of support from social media users and the man has been fired by his employer over his racist remarks.

Speaking after the incident, David wrote,

‘Thank you. I didn’t do anything special. This is just a sad situation in many ways and I hope they learn and better but the support and messages I’ve received had been incredible AND the people from Issaquah are without a doubt wonderful, awesome, stunning, lovely.’

Below are the messages to David

Stickgalsick I’m sorry you have to put up with that & hope you’re doing ok. You stayed composed & dignified throughout. I’m pleased Lyft have backed you up too. More employers should have a similar policy!
Stay Good xx

Laura Jean I’m so sorry that happened to you. You did not deserve any of that. What awful, awful people. You handled it so well and I commend you for that. You are always welcome here. Red heart

JorgecTa David Sending you all my support from El Salvador, Central America. When I lived in the USA I went through some racist BS, but not as bad as what you went through. I am glad everything is OK. Greetings,amigo.

Diana Rison I’m from Issaquah and unfortunately know these fools. I’m so so sorry you had to endure them. Our daughters played basketball together & he’s always been a tool. I’ll gladly call your @lyft any day 24/7. You’ve got more humanity in your pinky than he does in his polar bear body

Chris Petzold @davethestudent11 please know that we are not all like this in Issaquah. I’m very sorry this happened to you.

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