A speech of Engr. Segun Oni translated from Yoruba to the English Language.

Ekiti State is in a state of collapse and in urgent need of repair. A report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that the unemployed youth in Ekiti State make up 32 percent of the workforce, with the average and the victims are more than half the size of the federal government. With this N100.8 billion budget, we have the lowest budget of any of the 36 States with a wealth of resources and special people, which it shows that the current government does not have the capacity to put in place local budgets for the development of the State.

Another sad fact is that large sums of money, allowances, and pensions for those who have worked hard are not being paid.

There is no security in the region and this has had a devastating effect on our economic growth, especially in the agricultural and tourism sectors. Many of our farmers have fled their farms and many of our former landlords have been forced to flee due to extreme insecurity. The State’s total debt to the Federal Government’s budget department is currently N123.88b, which is one of the largest debts in the country. Worst of all, it is alarming to see the government’s reluctance to reorganize the State for a total of 35 years without saving any money for future generations. in Ekiti State.

We need to elect a trusted and credible leader who values ​​the people of Ekiti and will always uphold their desire to reform our State as soon as possible. We do not need leaders who want to tarnish the image of the people and blame the people. We need a leader who knows that winning the election means that all the people of Ekiti have given their power to such a leader with the confidence that the leader will use it for their advancement in all things. This is a guiding principle that I have always taken seriously and will do again if you vote for me.

I am scheduled to run for governor of Ekiti State on June 18 this year.
Remember that those who brought this State to the brink of collapse fell into the hands of the weak political parties in the State with the intention of being in power through their henchmen. It is almost impossible for anyone who does not submit to them to win the by-elections in these constituencies. It is unfortunate that the people of Ekiti have allowed each of them for two seasons to express themselves in what they have failed to do, and the only way they can cover up their failures is to stay in power through them. their limbs, which they would not cut to the chase for what they had done. This is the time to be bitter, to stand up, to work together for our freedom. This is a call to special service.

I commend you with humility and determination to serve the people of Ekiti State with great success. I was paid at the right time, I did more work than any other governor, and I did not owe anything.

A report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 2009 states that Ekiti State ranks tenth out of 36 states in the country, although it ranks 34th in the federal government. in foreign investment. This clearly shows how wisely and tactfully the money that went into my account was used. It is also astonishing to hear that Ekiti State has won for the first time in the history of the country. During that time, everyone in Ekiti State had a good and meaningful life. Most of all, I assure you I did not steal your money. I serve you with love and sincerity.

I am ready to serve Ekiti State again but I must first win the June 18, 2022. Election. I need all your votes and your help.
I and other prominent like-minded leaders have joined the Social Democratic Party (SDP) to put an end to this vicious cycle that will lead to the capture of those who have disappointed us and want to take over this State. subdue them by appointing princes for us. To empower our campaign to win the seat of these Politicians and their constituents is costly, since we are just launching a new political party. We need to work harder and more efficiently in the forthcoming elections so as not to fall into their political trap. At the same time, the people of Ekiti must take over their Territories and restore order, justice and public order in order to re-enact our culture in Ekiti State.

We are confident that they can be overthrown during the election and that the State will be restored.

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