Things Men Genuinely Struggle With But Refuse To Let The World Know

Yesterday, November 19, 2020, was a special day for all men across the length and breadth of the globe because it was the International Men’s Day.

Well, you may or may not have heard about it because unlike women, men are not given so much attention and this has culminated into a lot of struggles they go through but refuse to let the world know.

Society, religion and human philosophies have created a certain mystical idea about who a man should be: an independent, confident, strong, embolden, fearless being who refuses to express his emotions as an when he feels the need.

I chanced upon a thread by an Egyptian therapist on Twitter where she distinctively outlines all the struggles men go through on the quiet but will never own up or fully let the next person know.

This has predisposed men to health challenges which result in suicide, abuses, depression and mental disorders. In this article, I want us to analyse critically these ideas by Yassmin.

1, Men are 4x more likely to commit suicide (probably due to stigma of getting help and more violent methods of suicide).

2, Men are MUCH less likely to seek therapy, due to shame and being perceived as weak.

3, Men are Much more under pressure to provide and to be successful in their careers which results in higher job-related anxiety and depression, as well as a feeling of equating manhood to financial success.

4, Men are Much more likely to be ignored or even laughed at when they are victims of abuse, domestic violence, or sexual assault.

5, Men are Much more likely to have anger management issues due to other feelings of being laughed at or invalidated since childhood.

6, Men are prone to substance abuse as they see that as an escape from the issues and problems they are faced with.

7, Men are More Likely to be homeless due to social services focusing much more on women and children.

8, Men have been wired to think and have a huge and almost impossible standard for masculinity and strength, leaving most men feeling intense shame when they feel that they don’t measure up.

9, Men tend to ignore or delay medical treatment due to pressure to “man up”.

10, Men have Homophobia and stigma around intimacy and closeness which result in a lot of men who don’t have an adequate support system due to inability to emotionally connect with others, especially other men or their fathers.

11, Men have Poorer support systems which result in higher rates of loneliness, substance use, depression, and earlier death.

12, Men are Much less likely to be diagnosed with (and therefore receive appropriate treatment for) specific mental disorders seen as “women’s issues” such as borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and anxiety.

13, Men generally ave eating disorders and poorer lifestyle because they have a lot on their minds and have no interest in working on their selves. They focus to make others better at their expense.

14, Men also struggle with the fact that they have to lose custody of children to women when there a split. Men are perceived to be bad or ineffective single parents.

15, Men are also much more likely to get killed or severely injured in their jobs due to the majority of physically demanding jobs being done by men

16, Men have been wired to believe that they need to be ready for sex and sleep with anyone when they get the chance. When they refuse sex, they are tagged at ‘not-man-enough’ or ‘impotent’ which is why sexual abuses against men are always dismissed.



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