The Top 10 countries for solo female travellers

Comfort and safety for solo female travellers

Solo travelling has definitely increased in popularity over the years, even more so amongst female travellers who want to experience the beauty and splendour of different countries but who still want to feel safe and comfortable. recently conducted a study to find the best destinations for solo female travellers looking to enjoy a liberating solo experience.

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The study scored countries on multiple criteria to determine which of the locations women would have a better time at. These included factors related to comfort such as temperature and the number of hostels as well as more serious factors like safety and crime rates.

The criteria included:

The average cost of a one-way transport ticket

Number of group activities and tours per 100 000 people

Average hotel price

Number of hostels per 100 000 people

Crime index score

Safety index score

Average annual temperature

The average annual amount of precipitation

Gender Equality Index (GEI) rating

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These factors were then calculated to form an overall index score for each country, which was then ranked to highlight the countries that were best for women who travel alone

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Here’s where to go…

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Photo: canva

According to the study the top 10 countries for solo female travellers to visit were:

Croatia, Europe

New Zealand, Oceania

Portugal, Europe

Sweden, Europe

Japan, Asia

Netherlands, Europe

Norway, Europe

Spain, Europe

Australia, Oceania

Finland, Europe