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‘The Republic’ triggers Mzansi with the riots and looting episode [watch]

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The Republic viewers are feeling super-anxious about the show’s looting and riots storyline.  

The show is revisiting the KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng looting spree which occurred in July 2021.  

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Viewers of Mzansi Magic’s political drama – The Republic are shocked by the show’s looting storyline which is inspired by the KZN and Gauteng riots that took place last winter (2021).  

Audiences recall sirens blaring, people getting injured, helicopters flying and companies closing down, blasts in the evening, and random screams during the riots.   

Revisiting those moments has some of the viewers tuning out as they’re triggered while watching the second season of the show.   

A viewer stated that seeing the devastation on the show is making her realise she still has unresolved trauma from the real-life events that took place last year.  

The show also highlights the corrupt politician in South Africa played by the talented Florence Masebe (President Lufuno), Masasa Mbogeni (Bridget) and many more.   

The drama series is written and produced by the Emmy Award-nominated duo, Phathutshedzo Makwarela, and Gwydion Beynon, from Tshedza Pictures.  

Tshedza Pictures has produced hit shows such as The River, Gomora, Legacy, Giyani: Land of Blood, and many more.    

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The most heartbreaking part is that the script is our reality #TheRepublicMzansi

— Fulufhelo (@FulufheloNem_) January 16, 2022



“Our government being exposed in their so-called insurrection, while it was just a criminal element doing the looting with the help of #TheRepublicMzansi.”  


“Looting is a traumatic experience watching this is like its happening.” 


“I’m also happy with Madam President not being a pushover by not stepping down #TheRepublicMzansi.” 


“This cabinet is driven by greed and being selfish…”

“They don’t have the people’s interest at heart.” 


“This is really how they treated people after the looting! Scary!” 


“There’s no democracy, it’s just a bunch of stokvel of criminals looting the country.” 


“No service delivery people are angry and hungry and resorted to looting but honestly everyone suffers in the end.” 


“Looting did leave a lot of people without employment.”


“The part where the owner of the shop who had to tell the workers.”

“He is laying them off because of the looting hit home very hard.”

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Ogasaswap Cross Chain Dex

Might as well stop watching it, it is just too much

— Vee (@FunieVee) January 17, 2022

Imagine being arrested for custard. Kodwa as a country we went through a lot in July Yhu #TheRepublicMzansi

— Bhut’ Masasa (@MsMasasa) January 16, 2022

Interesting Analogy By The Reverend… Between The Movement and The BIBLE!!! Season 2 of #TheRepublicMzansi is deep man!!! I love it!!! #therepublic

— Moione Wa MODIMO (@Iam_Mooi) January 23, 2022

All Tshedza Pictures shows are masterpieces #TheRepublicMzansi

— 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝐌. (@afterglowxxxx) January 23, 2022

#TheRepublicMzansi could have at least 7 seasons with everything going on

— P A U L (@paul_mokhosi) January 23, 2022

Ain’t no way.. #TheRepublicMzansi is too spot on mahn

— Zamathole. S (@Zamathole14) January 16, 2022

Wow, It’s this part for me .

Actually “To hell with the movement”.@PhathuMakwarela @Mzansimagic #TheRepublicMzansi

— Call me Mr #NeverSayNoToBubbly (@Mandla_Patson) January 21, 2022

Thank you for watching #TheRepublicMzansi you had so many option to tune into but you chose us. Thank you! See you next week

— Bhut’ Masasa (@MsMasasa) January 23, 2022

Bridget is so nativity of Bridget is appalling.
Is she being blinded by MK’s

Someone please wake her up, MK is a #TheRepublicMzansi

— Kaybee_Sehow (@Kaybee_Sehau) January 23, 2022

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