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‘The Queen’s’ Hector and Harriet get caught and dodge Brutus’s bullets

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Viewers of The Queen are wondering if Brutus shot and killed Hector or Harriet last night (14 October) after he caught them making out in his late brother’s house.  

Harriet and Hector have been sneaking around, and going on secret baecations behind their family’s backs since the pair fell in love last season.   


Brutus walks in on Harriet and Hector cuddling “emzini kaMkhathini”#TheQueenMzansi

— Tonne of Gents (@RewindMzansi) October 14, 2021


The pair also came close to getting caught by Hector’s wife, Vuyiswa (Zandile Msutwana) at Noma’s restaurant this week.

The good news is that neither Harriet nor Hector got shot last night according to TVSA October teasers.  

Viewers will see Harriet trying to stop Brutus from killing Hector (Rapulana Seiphemo) tonight (15 October).  

Neither Brutus (Themba Ndaba) nor Harriet will reveal Harriet and Hector’s affair to the family next week.  

Viewers will see Brutus on a serious power trip throughout October, he is going to try to eliminate Harriet and take over the Khoza empire.

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The rest of the Khozas and Sebatas will find out about the affair in November when Harriet gets tired of Brutus’s threats. 

The affair will spell more trouble for Hector than Harriet as he is going to lose his wife and might lose his position at the police station. 

Georgina is currently investigating the Sebatas for the shooting that occurred at the Khoza mansion last season.  

The only person who is saving Hector from Georgina (Sibusisiwe Jili) right now is his wife, Vuyiswa.  

The gloves will be off, once Vuyiswa finds out about Hector’s affair with Harriet (Connie Ferguson).

I need a brother like this. The one that will protect my legacy

— Tar Athi (@athemagida) October 14, 2021

Please plug me with the location of this place, I want to take my Harriet there. #TheQueenMzansi @Mzansimagic

— Nare (@akaRauRau) October 6, 2021

#TheQueenMzansi I am still shocked by that scene is Hector dead ,?

— JabulaniMacdonald (@Jabu_Macdonald) October 14, 2021

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