The Love Scotch Affair delivers an unforgettable experience at Thrones

The Love Scotch Affair delivers an unforgettable experience at Thrones

By Our Reporter

On Friday evening, Thrones was buzzing! Everyone’s out to have fun — the girls were looking fabulous, the guys were fresh, and the music was electric as Uganda Breweries Limited took over the Bandali Rise based hangout with the Love Scotch Affair. They were deliberate about turning the night into an unforgettable experience.

The vibe at Thrones was off the charts. You simply had to name your taste, and they had you covered. The big boys were out to play, and so was the whisky. It was a proper scotch soirée with everything from Johnnie Walker Red to Blue, Singleton, Black & White, J&B, VAT 69—name it!

And the ritual serves? Don’t even get me started. Kampala’s elite demand to be treated like royalty, and UBL delivered with the art of perfection. The Love Scotch Affair was truly one to remember—from the food and drinks, to the ladies and their cocktails; the fun was unmatched.

Speaking to the media, Christine Kyokunda, the Head of Scotch & Reserve at UBL, shared her excitement. “With the Love Scotch Affair, we want our consumers to enjoy their whisky in the best way that suits every pallet; with friends, in a great environment, and with big vibes,” she said. “Tonight was a movie. For those who missed out, worry not, the Love Scotch Affair is on all the way till end of July. We are taking this amazing experience to more hangouts, and we have a big surprise planned for all attendees, so stay tuned!”

Launched last month, the Love Scotch Affair is a fun campaign aimed at giving whisky lovers, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs a grand scotch experience. It’s all about taking them on a journey of discovery, unlearning, and relearning fun and exciting ways to enjoy whisky.

The campaign is set to light up more bars around the city in the coming weeks. Next on the line up is Meley Impala, Legends and Nexus tonight (Saturday, June 15th). Come next week, the Love Scotch Affair will be at Molecule, X-Hub and Olives, and will culminate into a big activation bash at La Venti on the June 23. Access to the Love Affair experiences is open to everyone!