The Kisii Man, he got 100% Jewish DNA, always looking for opportunities to make a difference in the world !

N/B: I know you will be disappointed with the hidden truth that DP William Ruto has Gusii roots, his martenal side are Kisiis who were left behind in Kericho area, that is why he is referred to as OMOCHOKORO (GRANDSON) by senior Gusii leaders, indeed some of his uncles have Kisii names like Mose!! if you know you know!

Real estate

The KISII MAN is that man that will leave his Father’s land…. Come to your Father’s land and turn you into his tenant….
Peacefully, the KISII MAN doesn’t like so much noise, if you’re not talking money…. You’re making noise… He believes in “Egazi n’egazi ekse” and “Rora gose kende ngesoe”…

Real estate
digital marketing

The KISII MAN goes to Japan. He doesn’t know anybody there. Give him 6 months, he will start sending cars back home.
The KISII MAN can wear slippers, use Nokia torch phones and may even be riding ladies machine but the figures that is in his bank account will be enough to write a full maths textbook.

The KISII MAN gets rich. Goes to the village, pick up his village boys, train them in business, settle them, the boys become rich, goes to the village do the same thing…..It’s not’s a Kisii thing
The KISII MAN, where you see nothing, he sees market. You’re looking at an evil forest, he’s seeing an estate, you’re looking at a village girl, he’s seeing a sales girl. You’re looking at shit, he’s seeing manure.
The KISII MAN is the man that kept going when others turned back. He’s the man that enters a country where they say nobody survives and thrives. He’s not a risk taker, he’s Risk itself ! ! !

The KISII MAN loves ‘obokima bosambereirie’ (advanced ugali) no matter how rich your catering skills are, if you cant create this magical ‘sembe’, you will always have competition somewhere.

Real estate

The KISII MAN believes in training his children properly with good morals no matter how wealthy he is…. He will still nurture you to stand up for yourself because he understands he won’t be here forever.

The KISII MAN is not lazy…. He toils day and night in order for his children not to go through what he went through…
The KISII MAN wakes up with money in his mind…. That’s why they don’t greet each other “Good morning”…. They greet “karu eplan ya rero endugu”

The KISII MAN Prefers a Customer to a girlfriend….. He can walk away from any girlfriend because a particular cus