July 27, 2021


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The Kiffness and Kwesta: ‘I’m Not A Ballie, I’m A Baller’ [watch]

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South African musician David Scott popularly, known by his stage name The Kiffness, has teamed up with visual artist Peach van Pletzen and Kwesta on a new track, titled I’m Not A Ballie, I’m A Baller. The music video for the song premiered on YouTube on 11 June.

The video already has more than 26 500 views on YouTube.


The Kiffness and Van Pletzen took to Instagram to give their followers an inside look at their I’m Not A Ballie, I’m A Baller-inspired costumes.


The Kiffness says the song’s name was inspired by an actual quote from Peach van Pletzen after he called him a “ballie”, the Afrikaans slang term for “father” or “old man”. 

“On our way out [of the studio] I asked Peach how old he was. He told me he’s 35. I said, ‘Yus you’re a ballie’. He responded ‘I’m not a ballie I’m a baller!’ I thought that was hilarious and said ‘That would be a cool name for a song,” said The Kiffness to Texx and The City

“It was only until recently we revisited the idea. I refused to let this million dollar idea land up on the pile of unfinished songs. So I sent Peach a quick beat I made. He told me it’s the best beat he’s ever heard in his life, and then added some mediocre vibes to the song, and the song was done,” he continued.


Both The Kiffness and Peach van Pletzen wanted some Kwesta magic on their song and were surprised when he agreed to come on board. 

“We both agreed the song would be much better though if Kwesta rapped a feature verse, and to my amazement he was amped to do his thing and then the song was suddenly a hit,” The Kiffness added. 

“Getting Kwesta on the track was a dream come true for Groot Hond and Nax, and getting The Kiffness on the track was a dream come true for Dave,” said Van Platzen to Texx and The City. 

“The synergy and the magic that took place that day will be spoken about for months to come. I had a little bit of dirt on Kwesta, and that’s why he agreed to do it,” he added. 

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