The death toll from Cholera in SA rises to 22

At least 22 people have lost their lives from cholera in Hammanskraal outside the country’s capital, Pretoria. It was initially reported that cholera claimed the lives of 15 people by the health authorities earlier this week. The outbreak has claimed 21 lives in Hammanskraal alone while there have been a few positive cases in the Free State with one death, one case has been confirmed in Limpopo.

Authorities said there were 29 other lab confirmed cholera cases with 67 people admitted to the hospital. The exact cause of the outbreak is yet to be confirmed, but poor water management in the capital have been blamed for the condition. Cholera is a water borne disease that causes diarrhoea, vomiting and weakness, it is mainly spread by contaminated water and food.

The water plant that is responsible for water purification in Hammanskraal, needs to be upgraded. the water plant is said to have not been working properly for years. The estimated cost for the upgrade is $130 million. According to ATP, Cilliers Brink the mayor of Tshwane said the plant has been out of capacity for 18 years. On Monday, the NGO, Gift of the Givers went to the Jubilee District Hospital in Hammanskraal, and delivered approximately 8 600 litres of bottled water.

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African countries that have been affected by cholera in recent years.

In the southern Africa, South Africa is the latest country to be faced with the outbreak of cholera. The outbreak came after neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe and Malawi experienced an outbreak earlier this year.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) in February said cholera outbreaks in Africa were rising amid global least 12 countries have reported cholera outbreaks this year.

Zimbabwean Health authorities confirmed nine deaths with 28 other suspected cases of cholera deaths in February. Authorities say, the capital, Harare is the epicentre for the current cholera outbreak. While in Malawi, the country reported more than 1 000 cholera related deaths. The outbreak started in March; it is reported to be worst cholera outbreak to be recorded in the country by WHO. The cholera outbreaks in Africa have been attributed poor sanitation and climate factors such as cyclone and floods.

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