The Association of Liberia Human Resources Professionals (ALHRP) launches its first Annual Convention

GRAND BASSA COUNTY – Making remarks during the launch of the 2-day event, the Minister of Labor, Cllr. Charles Gibson commended the Association for the dedication and commitment to seeing the profession take its place among other professions. “the ALHRP was one of the first organizations to make contact when I assumed office at the Ministry. Initially I was hesitant about their motives and capacity, but I am happy to say here today that after two years of working very closely together, I can vouch for the work they do, their capacity and I am happy about the strategic partnership we have formed and have committed to doing together. My office commits to giving them the teeth they need to bite and fight.” Minister Gibson noted.

Founded in 2013, the ALHRP’s goal is to provide continued professional development opportunities and promote national networking, and position and rebrand the profession for the public to see HR Professionals as strategic business partners. The Association brings together over 150 professionals and practitioners to nationally address the most practical and contemporary issues facing the profession. It also seeks to advance human resource management in Liberia.

Jonah S. Kotee, President of the Association indicated that gradually the public and leaders are beginning to understand that there is more to Human Resource Management than recruiting and dismissals. “for many years people only knew HR to be the people who hire and fire, but we all know there is so much more to HR than that. HR Professionals are partners. Our work entails compensation and benefits, workplace safety, talent acquisition and so much more.” Mr. Kotee commented.

Also making remarks at the convention, Board Chairman Stanley Ford noted that the journey of the Association started from a place of both passion to promote the profession and also to close the inequality gaps in employment laws. Mr. Ford noted that the Association still has a long way to go as there is a need to strengthen the capacity of HR Professionals in the country and shared that he had started bilateral discussions with other more established similar bodies within the region.

Also in attendance was Mr. T. Nelson Williams Board Member, who made remarks, encouraged the members to continue to work on employee engagement, retention and performance management and encouraged members to find opportunities to develop themselves to be able to compete.

The two-day convention held in Buchanan brought together 61 professionals from across 36 organizations spanning the public and private sectors. Topics covered during the convention included retirement, equity and inclusion, diversity, repositioning HR as a strategic business partner as well as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the workplace with the final session focusing on the adaptation of the By-laws and Constitution of the Association.

The organization plans to ensure this becomes an annual event that will be rotated across other Counties.

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