Tensions escalates in Wulensi between local Regent and Fulani herdsmen

Tension has escalated in Wulensi, Nanumba South district in the Northern region, between the local Regent and Fulani herdsmen, posing a potential threat to national security if not promptly addressed.

According to Citi News sources, a vehicle collided with a herd of cattle near Damanko in the Oti region, allegedly killing two of the animals.

Although the incident was reported to the police, the Regent of Wulensi purportedly intervened, seeking to resolve the matter within his palace.

Allegedly, the Fulani herdsmen demanded four hundred and fifty thousand cedis [GHS450,000] from the Fulani community as compensation for the vehicle damage.

Despite their offer of one thousand cedis [GHS1,000] for repairs, the Regent insisted on confiscating about fifty cattle from the herd, leading to resistance from the herdsmen.

The police initially struggled to manage the situation.

The Fulani community’s leadership in Ghana is demanding justice, condemning the Regent’s actions as unjust and tantamount to robbery against the herdsmen.

Two people are currently in police custody, the driver of the vehicle that loaded the cattle and one other person pending investigations.

The vehicle and the cattle are currently at the Wulensi police station.


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