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#SwearToCare: How much are you willing to pay to say f*ck in the office?

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The South African Rare Diseases organisation has launched a new campaign called Give a F*CK. During the campaign, they encourage employees to put money in a swear jar. This will go towards raising money for medication for people with rare diseases who can’t afford it.

Pay to say f*ck for a good cause!

On the 30 November this year, CEO of Rare Diseases SA, Kelly du Plessis wants offices across the country to take part in the organisation’s ‘Give a F*ck’ campaign.

Speaking during a Cape Talk interview, Du Plessis explained how there will be “swear jars” placed in many offices around SA.

“We’re going to use those profanities and turn them into something that is purposeful,” says Du Plessis.

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The road to R100 million

Employees are then encouraged to say swear words and then put some cash into the swear jar.

Their hopes are to get at least R100 million rand which will be used to help people afford expensive medications that they often struggle to buy.

They also want people to use the hashtag #SwearToCare to help shine a spotlight on the cause. Cape Talk reveals that the initiative is managed by GiveGain, a Swiss-registered NPO.

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