Survey: Zulu and Xhosa top queer survey results


A queer survey conducted by The South African reveals that Zulu and Xhosa form part of the most common first languages spoken among the LGBTQIA+ community in South Africa.

In the top 3 first languages, English came out first at 26.9%, Zulu at 16.3%, and Xhosa at 13.4%.

These results come from an ongoing queer survey with over 500 participants from all over South Africa, the survey started at the beginning of November and closes on 16 December 2022.

The results do not come as a surprise as Zulu and Xhosa are the most spoken South African languages.

The three languages are the biggest in the country, with the Zulu language having over 11 million speakers, followed by Xhosa with 8 million, and English forming part of the top three with 4 million speakers.


English – 26.9%

IsiZulu – 16.3%

Xhosa -13.4%

Afrikaans – 11.6%

Sepedi – 8.7%

Setswana – 9.7%

Sesotho – 6.6%

XiTsonga – 2.3%

siSwati – 1.5%

Tshivenda – 1.7%

Ndebele – 0.8%

South African Sign Language – 0%

Other – African Language – 0.4%

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First-language results from the queer survey, show English, Zulu, and Xhosa as the most commonly spoken languages in the queer community. Photo: Queer Survey Google Form

If you consider yourself to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community, take it – and share it with friends – here: Queer survey 2022

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