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Sunday sizzler: ANOTHER temperature record smashed in the Western Cape!

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There’s hot, and then there’s too hot. The latter applies to the Western Cape over the weekend, and arguably, the two weeks beforehand. Temperature records have tumbled following this punishing heatwave.

Cape Town temperature records shattered

Thankfully, some parts of the province are set for rain and thunderstorms later today. Temperatures are set to cool across the Western Cape on Monday, but many regions will see the mercury remain north of 30C.

On Saturday, we learned that Cape Town had, in all likelihood, smashed its own hottest temperature record by almost 3C. We are waiting on official confirmation from the SA Weather Service, but Etienne Kapikian became the second meteorological expert to declare the 45.2C reading in Table Bay as the new all-time high.

Vague de chaleur dans l’ouest et sud de l’Afrique du Sud#SouthAfrica

45.2°C à #CapeTown/Table Bay ce samedi 22/01

Ogasaswap Cross Chain Dex

Si la valeur est confirmée, ce serait un nouveau record absolu tous mois confondus pour #LeCap pulvérisant les 42.4°C du 3 mars 2015 avec une marge de 2.8°C !

— Etienne Kapikian (@EKMeteo) January 23, 2022

Western Cape melts in ‘all-time high’ heatwave

He follows in the footsteps of Mike Herrera, a leading climatologist who operates the @ExtremeTemps page on Twitter. After drawing attention to the record set in Cape Town – ensuring that the Mother City was, for a brief time, the hottest place in Africa on Saturday – Herrera found ANOTHER seminal statistic.

Yesterday, Robertson reached a high of 45.9C. Not only is this one of the hottest ever temperatures recorded in the Western Cape, but it has shattered the previous record set in this town. That’s some going…

(3) Southern Africa Heat Wave: Another scorching day in SW Africa with the hottest day in history at Robertson (Western Cape Province) with 45.9C,also notable 44.2C at Tigerhoek (all time high 44.9C).

— Extreme Temperatures Around The World (@extremetemps) January 23, 2022


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