Stakeholders’ forums to align political parties to poll regulations kick off

The Office of Registrar Political Parties (ORPP) has kicked off stakeholders’ forums across the country to align political parties to poll regulations ahead of the August general election aimed at ensuring peace and smooth execution of the electoral process. 

The participants of the forums include IEBC, political parties’ representatives, security organs and Civil Society Organizations among others.

Speaking to the Media during political parties and stakeholders meeting at Kibaoni in Kilifi, Assistant Registrar of political parties Florence Birya said it is their responsibility to ensure that political parties’ representatives understand what they should do during this political season.

“We have arranged meetings in all 47 counties and we will be moving around to work with ORPP field officials so that we can have similar sessions. The main purpose in these sessions is to ensure that we hold talks, we explain to the stakeholders especially political parties what preparations we have set as an office to support the political course,” she explained.

She added that they are highlighting the plans they have put in place as an office to be able to cooperate with stakeholders especially those who are most involved in preparing for the upcoming elections this year in August.

Stakeholders in a session during political parties and stakeholders meeting at Kibaoni social hall in Kilifi.

“We intend to explain to the officials and political party representatives the important things to consider so that they can be legally binding as they continue to prepare,” she added.

IEBC Kilifi County representative Joseph Mwafondo applauded the support from ORPP saying they are working closely to ensure data for political parties such as party lists and specimen signatures are correct and verified.

The office of the county commissioner will also play a key role in ensuring the political activities are carried out successfully by strengthening security organs in their regions.

During the meeting, Assistant County Commissioner James Oleseney on behalf of the office of County Commissioner urged the concerned parties to work together in harmony to ensure a peaceful electioneering period.

“I urge each and every one of the stakeholders to work together to ensure that the upcoming exercise of August 2022 will be a peaceful and stable election”, he said during an interview with reporters.

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