Special screening of Rwandan movie commemorates 1994 genocide

This month, Rwanda will commemorate the 1994 genocide.

From the 7th April, Rwandans around the world will mark ‘Kwibuka’ (meaning to ” to Remember ”) which is an annual commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and massacre of moderate Hutu. Kwibuka lasts 100 Days, which is the same duration of this tragedy, where nearly a million lives were lost.

In honour of Kwibuka, MyMovies.Africa will host a global screening of the movie ISETA – Behind The Roadblock this Sunday, 10th of April. ISETA – BEHIND THE ROADBLOCK, is the Story of Journalist, Nick Hughes, revisiting the scene of  brutal murders he witnessed on a quiet road in Kigali, at the beginning of the Darkest 100 days in  Africa’s history. Even though almost one million people were slaughtered, there is only one known segment of footage  showing any actual killing, by this lone cameraman.

Kwibuka is an Important occasion to Remember the lives Lost, show Solidarity with Survivors and Unite  to ensure such a Tragedy never happens again in Rwanda, elsewhere in Africa and the World”, says Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MyMovies.Africa, Trushna Buddhdev-Patel. Tickets for the global screening (via ZOOM), of ISETA – BEHIND THE ROADBLOCK, are available here:  https://www.mymovies.africa/Screening 

For each Ticket, every Household shall Receive: 

1). Access of one device to the exclusive ZOOM-hosted Screening, including a meet and Greet with the  Cast & Crew. 

2). FREE Rental of the same Movie, to Re-watch within 7 Days of clicking WATCH NOW, on  MyMovies.Africa. 

3). FREE lifetime membership to MyMovies.Africa, with Access to many more Animations,  Documentaries, Features and Shorts from across Africa, as #RentFor7Days or #OwnForLife, in 195  Countries worldwide. 

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