South Africa: Today’s latest news and headlines, Saturday 8 January 2022

We’ve got the latest news stories and headlines in South Africa on Saturday 8 January.

Are you ready for the weekend? Don’t finalise your plans just yet as we have a chaotic weekend weather forecast for the next two days. The latest data shows us there will be extreme heat and excessive rain to contend with.

We have some ‘good news’ stories that made headlines over the past few days, so why not give yourself a break heading into the weekend and take in some of the positive vibes.


Weekend weather for SA: Highs of 42C, and widespread thunderstorms!

We’ve got a chaotic weekend weather forecast for the next two days, and the latest data is showing us there will be extreme heat and excessive rain to contend with. Here’s a comprehensive summary of what’s in store for us, between now and Monday morning.

Cape Town is set for an absolute scorcher on Saturday, with temperatures pushing the 40C mark on the outskirts of the municipality. Coastal regions and suburbs closer to the city centre can expect the mercury to reach between 30C to 35C. Sunday afternoon will bring rain and thunder.

Gauteng is on course for a wet and bleak weekend, with the heaviest of the rainfall occurring on Saturday afternoon. Intermittent showers will then persist throughout Sunday, with temperatures hovering around the mid-twenties for the next 48 hours or so.

Durban will be battered by rain for most of the weekend, and into next week. Several storms are forecast for KZN and its biggest city, and those hoping for a pleasant day at the beach will have to make some alternative arrangements.

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Good news round-up: Five stories that made us smile this week

There’s enough doom and gloom out there already, so why not give yourself a break heading into the weekend, and take in some of the ‘good news’ stories that made headlines over the past few days? Honestly, it’s good for the soul…


A fundraiser for a young girl with a complex congenital heart defect is now entering its final strait. The campaign to raise R5 million for Kyleigh Kista’s life-saving surgery has been going strong for the past month, and with a deadline of March 2022 looming, it looks like the tenacious tot has a fighting chance.

Kyleigh and her parents were told the there was ‘nothing more’ doctors could do for the three-year-old last November, when further complications arose from the gaping hole in her heart. However, a desperate appeal to the Boston Children’s Hospital in the USA offered the family some hope.

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Weird taste in the water? ‘Don’t panic’, Cape Town residents told…

The City of Cape Town has moved to reassure its residents about its drinking water supply, after swathes of complainants raised an issue with a ‘funny taste’ coming from their taps. But, according to officials, there’s nothing to worry about.

Those who have noticed the strange flavours coming from their taps have reported an ‘earthy, beetroot-like’ taste from their running water. Those with more sensitive palates have described it as an ‘overwhelming’ sensation – and they’re definitely on to something.

That’s because there IS something in the water. According to the City, small amounts of geosmin – a naturally occurring organic compound – have found their way into the water supply. It also has the same scent as when rain falls on dry ground.

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ANOTHER fire: Department of Justice building ‘targeted’ on Friday

Another incident at a National Key Point has taken place on Friday, after a small fire was reported at the Department of Justice in Cape Town. The blaze didn’t take much containing, but it certainly adds to a list of suspicious activity around government buildings.

The week started with the alleged arson attack on a now-gutted Parliament building in the Mother City. A man wielding a hammer then smashed windows at the Constitutional Court. Meanwhile, explosive devices had been detected at both Bloemfontein Airport and a waste disposal site in Hout Bay.

Earlier on Friday, Sergeant Wesley Twigg was able to confirm that SAPS have launched an investigation into the incident.

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TERROR: Four killed after gunmen’s shooting at cars in Gqeberha

Talk about unspeakable shooting violence in Gqeberha. Four people have been killed in Zwide after unknown gunmen sprayed a hail of bullets at two cars on Thursday.

According to the South African Police Service (SAPS) report, local officers from Kwazakhele’s station were called to the scene at around 11:00.

Two cars were found stationed in Zwide’s Johnson Street. Both the blue Suzuki and yellow Opel Kadett were riddled with bullet holes.

One of the deceased from the shooting in Gqeberha is believed to be the driver of the Opel, while the three other bodies were found grounded on the street near the cars, said SAPS’ spokesperson Brigadier Tembinkosi Kinana.

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