South Africa critical skills visa list 2022: 101 jobs make the cut

The Department of Home Affairs published the final Critical Skills List for the coming year on 2 February 2022. More than 100 jobs – from Call Centre Manager to Physicist – have been identified as scarce skills in the country and foreigners can apply for a special visa, provided they have a “solid offer of employment.”


Before this year, the skills list was last updated in 2014. The government will still consider applications that have already been submitted but from now on all applications must be based on the 2022 list. However, renewing visas for jobs that have fallen off the list may prove to be tricky.

One of the notable changes is that as of 1 February 2022, qualified individuals have to supply a solid offer of employment along with the work visa application.

According to Business Insider, the jobs on the list are supposedly critical to the nation’s objectives and it must be proven that there is a dearth of people with the requisite skills locally.

The list is comprised of a number of jobs, including managers of various enterprises, auditors, media designers, engineers, nurse educators, zoologists and more.

The full list, along with the minimum qualification required, can be found in the government gazette.

Gazetted Critical Skills List 2022 by Storm Simpson on Scribd


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