Soroti Regional Referral Hospital to Get CT Scan, X-Ray Machine

Soroti Regional Referral Hospital will get the Computed Tomography (CT) scan next financial year according to the MP Soroti city east Moses Attan Okia.

The Imaging Department at Soroti RRH has been struggling to operate due to lack of a functional X-ray machine and CT scan.

The hospital which serves about 11 districts has been referring patients to private clinics to do X-rays and scans following the breakdown of the X-ray Machine at the hospital 2 years ago.

The private facilities charge between Shillings 25,000 and 50,000 for X-ray and ultra-sound scan services respectively.

Hon. Attan said that the development will relieve the patients who have been spending for CT scan and X-rays services in private health facilities.

He revealed this during the Eid El fitr prayers at Soroti Sports ground that marked the end of Ramadan, the holy of months for Muslims.

Hon. Moses Attan Okia (seated behind Sheikh Ismael Ocen, the Teso District Khadi -in black) joins the Muslim community during the Eid El Fitr prayers on Monday.

“We have fought as MPs, you remember during the covid-19 times, we came to the referral hospital here as MPs and a number of challenges were expressed, so we followed up and there is hope now that by next financial year, we will have machines installed,” he said.

“If we do these interventions where our people are losing their money and they save that money, then it helps them to invest elsewhere,” he added.


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