Sjoe! Man outsmarts burglars who took off with his R6.4m Rolls-Royce

In what can best be described as an unexpected turn of events, one man did not allow himself to become a victim of car theft. According to reports, the man had his Rolls-Royce stolen out of his garage – but instead of leaving the matter to the police, he tracked the multi-million rand car, disabled it, and then caught the thieves trying to restart it.

The incident reportedly occurred in Staten Island in an upmarket neighbourhood earlier this month.

Man snatched back his stolen Rolls-Royce

A group of burglars were recently treated to a nice bit of people’s justice after they broke into a New York home and stole a Rolls-Royce worth $400k.

According to the New York Post, the man, identified only as 38-year-old John, was asleep with his family at around 4:00 in the morning when an alarm awoke him.

It turns out that burglars had broken into his property and snatched the keys to his 2017 Rolls-Royce convertible.

After checking that his family was safe, he ran out just in time to see the thugs speeding off in his car.

“I was downstairs within seconds while they were pulling out of the driveway,” said John, who lives near Saint George Road and Lighthouse Avenue.

He then jetted to his computer and used it to track down the car which has a tracker installed and saw that it was headed for New Jersey.

Staten Island (Lighthouse Hill)

— Joe Caldarera (@JoeCalNYC) June 23, 2022

Car thieving on the rise

Thinking on his feet, he disabled the car’s ignition leaving the burglars stranded.

They were attempting to turn [the car] back on, but they couldn’t because I disabled it,” John said.

Luckily they were caught and the car was recovered.

Meanwhile, the burglars are believed to be part of a bandit who have been targeting luxury car owners in the area, Staten Island police say.

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