SIU links R42m money laundering trail to ‘Insta-millionaire’ Hamilton Ndlovu

It’s fair to say the financial and criminal risks taken by Hamilton Ndlovu during the first wave of COVID-19 have not paid off. The so called ‘Insta-millionaire’, who went viral for flaunting a fleet of new luxury vehicles on his social media pages, has been accused of money laundering – to the tune of R42 million.

Who is Hamilton Ndlovu?

The revelations were made public after the release of the SIU report into PPE corruption. Hamilton Ndlovu is one of many, many unscrupulous characters named and shamed in the document.

However, his story stands out above the rest: The flashy businessman was famously stung by SARS, after tax officials viewed his Instagram page. Ndlovu was splashing his new-found cash, but the Revenue Service hardly saw a cent.

SARS rumble Insta-millionaire

Sure enough, the whole episode drew some unwanted attention towards Ndlovu’s financial activities, and that’s when it all came crashing down. According to the SIU, the disgraced deal-maker was abusing procurement procedures.

“The SIU investigation uncovered a web of inter-linked entities, all purporting to operate independently. However in essence, the entities were all the alter ego of Mr Ndlovu. It was determined that he is indirectly linked to various other entities and the entities were all awarded contracts by the National HLS through irregular procurement processes.”

“The obtained evidence indicates that the contracts to the entities stem from an abuse of the emergency procurement procedures that were adopted by the National HLS. Our available evidence indicates that very little was actually paid for the PPE and/or that there was a huge mark-up.”

SIU report

Hamilton Ndlovu tied to money laundering trail

However, we also learned on Tuesday that Hamilton Ndlovu was siphoning off money from PPE contracts, straight into his own personal bank account. His partner’s company was also implicated in the SIU report, and its understood Ndlovu trousered a whopping R42 million as a result of this illegal activity.

“All companies who were awarded PPE contracts, made payments to Ndlovu’s account and these payments were diverted to Hamilton Holdings, as well as Feliham (his fiancé’s company). R42 million from these companies was transferred to Ndlovu’s personal account, potentially money laundering.”

SIU report

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