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‘Show some respect’: Jacob Zuma lectures MPs on behaviour in Parliament

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Jacob Zuma, whose very appearance in Parliament used to be enough to spark unsavoury scenes in the chambers, has advised political representatives to show a little more respect to each other during their engagements. The temperature was cranked-up during Msholozi’s last year as president – and things haven’t really cooled since then.

Jacob Zuma slams ‘uncivil’ Parliament

Earlier this week, we saw Cyril Ramaphosa get called all the names under the sun during the SONA Debate. The serving president responded, by rejecting the ‘mudslinging’ that came his way. Despite currently being at loggerheads with each other, uBaba has echoed the sentiments raised by Cyril over the past few days.

“Parliamentary proceedings are about short-term electoral gains. Parliament does not help with social cohesion. People are disrespectful and swear at each other there. The electorate is not strict enough. It’s not saying to Parliamentary representatives – ‘you are not doing what we sent you there to do’.”

“The ANC needs to ponder on how leaders can disagree without being disrespectful. Communities become disillusioned when they see the hostility between political parties out there. What leaders project in action is important and the ANC needs to reflect on this matter.”

Msholozi has his say on illegal immigration

Of course, the irony won’t be lost on politically-interested South Africans. Zuma has previously been accused of ‘holding Parliament in contempt’ by giving evasive, vague answers when quizzed about his links to state capture. Few will forget the time he boasted about being able to ‘meandos’ his way through tough questions.

Jacob Zuma was invited to lead the discussion during the ANC’s Umrabulo Session on Sunday. The virtual meeting saw the ex-head of state give his take on party unity, and future policy. JZ made his feelings on illegal immigration clear, explaining that more needs to be done to ‘protect jobs for South Africans’

“Social cohesion is not going to be attainable if the majority still feels excluded from the economy… The ANC leadership needs to be visible in promoting a non-racial agenda and intolerance for racism. We need to make sure that we prevent illegal immigration. South Africans shouldn’t feel disadvantaged when it comes to employment.”

“Businesses, especially in the hospitality sector, need to be engaged. The tendency has been to avoid this matter for fear of the ANC being branded xenophobic or ungrateful for the help received from nations against apartheid in the past.”

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