SHOCK as NTV exposes a doctor in Laikipia who has been sexually assaulting patients including school girls – See what secret cameras captured, Oh Lord!! (VIDEO).

Thursday, February 24, 2022 – NTV has exposed a rogue doctor, identified as George Mbugua, who has been sexually assaulting his female patients.

George runs a health facility in Laikipia called Sipili Maternity Hospital, where he preys on female patients, including high school girls who go to seek medical services at the hospital.

*Esther*, not her real name, was the first to share her story in the chilling exposé by NTV’s investigative reporter Ngina Kirori.

“On the third day, I saw a man coming into the room. I noticed he was always lingering at the door and not tending to other patients…” she said.

“At around 3 pm, George called me out of my room and asked me to his office. He lured me into another room in his office and pulled me close to him. He grabbed my hand and rubbed it against his private parts” the victim added.

Another female patient, *Amina, said George tried making some moves on her.

“He came into my room with gel on my first day saying he wanted to massage me. He asked me to remove my tights after which he started applying the gel on my legs”, she said.

The investigative journalist, determined to get to the bottom of the story, went undercover.

She posed as a 25-year-old student with severe pain due to an ulcer flare-up.

George also tried to solicit sex from her.

Some of the patients who have been sexually assaulted by George have reported him to the police but he allegedly bribes rogue cops for protection.

Watch the full expose aired on NTV.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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