SHOCK as former MUNGIKI leader NDURA WARUINGE prophesies what will happen to Kikuyus under RUTO’s regime.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 – Former Mungiki leader, Ndura Waruinge, has prophesied what will happen to the members of the Kikuyu community under the regime of President William Ruto.

Ndura, who is currently a bishop of a local church, said Ruto will stabilize the economy but he will become a ruthless dictator.

He also said Ruto would dump the Kikuyu nation and instead work with Luhya and Luo community leaders to isolate the Mt Kenya region

Waruinge also said Ruto will work tirelessly to ensure members of the Kikuyu community are no longer in the government and they will be whining in the opposition.

“Ruto will eventually emerge as a dictator. He is going to stabilise the government, and he is going to perform very well but eventually, Kikuyu will be removed from government and there will be a new alignment that the Luo, the Luhya, and all those other tribes and Kikuyu will be left alone.

“It will be 42 against one,” Waruinge stated