Shine on your way! The late 17 year old Shanty laid to rest (Video + Photos)

The death of young Shanty broke not only those who knew him but many who came to learn how he lost his life at the Naifest. According to reports, word has it that he was seriously beaten by bouncers at the Naifest; however Bridget Achieng insists that he died while receiving treatment. A disgusting screenshot showing how the socialite was bragging about paying off the case in court somehow confirmed that the Naifest team was trying to cover up something. However since the case is already being investigated by the DCI; many hope that justice shall be served for this young man and his family. Also read: “My life is in danger!” Boy cries after allegedly receiving threats from Bridget Achieng over the #JusticeForShanty Although many are trying to cover up the story from receiving enough media coverage; a few Instagram gossip tabloids have made sure to follow up and this is how we have learnt that the late Shanty was earlier laid to rest today Friday, 20 November. Also read: Drama as Bridget Achieng drags Black Cinderella to court for allegedly ruining her online reputation (Photos) Shanty laid to rest From the video shared by one Kitengela gossip club we understand that Shanty is finally at his resting place. The low funeral consisted of Shanty’s family and friends who have known him for the longest time. Although details of the funeral remain unknown for now, below are a few screenshots and a video taken from the ceremony.  

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