‘She’s Lying’ – UPDF Dismiss Torture Claims by NUP Supporter Esther

The UPDF has issued a strong worded statement denying allegations that its intelligence branch CMI was involved in the abduction and torture of one Marinos Alexandria alias Esther.

The army spokesperson Felix Kulayigye in the statement on Friday accused Marinos of lying about her abduction and also speculated that she could have faked her ordeal to earn compensation from government.

Shocking images of Ms Maninos, an urgent supporter of the opposition NUP were shared on Wednesday by the party President Bobi Wine, showing grave injuries on different parts of her body.

The injuries which seemed from hot substance as well as scars from whipping could be seen on her buttocks and limbs.

Bobi Wine said Marinos was “abducted, severely tortured and sexually assaulted by security operatives at the CMI facility in Mbuya.”

“They said profanities to her, while kicking her, slapping her and whipping her with wires. The Museveni regime will go down as one of the most criminal regimes. It must simply be stopped. There must be justice to the countless victims of these crimes against humanity”

Some of the injuries that Marinos says she suffered

But according to the army spokesperson, investigations in the claims by Marinos started showing cracks.

First, he noted, one Ali Hassan and Elias Ssengoba who were identified by the victim as her torturers are not part of the CMI

“We categorically state and dispute the claim that CMI was involved in her torture or detention. She is not known to CMI and has never been held in our detention at any point in time,” Kukayigye stressed.

“The two individuals she mentions that allegedly tortured her; Ali Hassan and Elias Ssengoba are people she has known for some time. To start with, Elias Ssengoba is a civillian and neighbor to Marinos Alexandria Aka Esther. They may perhaps not be friends but have known each other for a while.”

“Hassan was involved in interrogating her at Kinawataka Police Station in 2020 when she was suspected of possession of military stores. This is because her lover at the time, an LDU soldier, deserted and it was suspected he might have left some military stores or equipotent in her possession. Nothing incriminating against her was found, and she was subsequently released within the next 48 hours.”

According to the army spokesperson, the investigation into her claims established that throughout the period she was under detention; phone print outs indicate that she was at her place of abode and continued to make numerous telephone conversations like any other person enjoying her freedom.

While the body injuries on her body seem to be real, the army spokesperson said they were, “unable to explain at this point the source of any bodily injuries she may have at the moment.”

The army on the other hand is suspecting that Marinos could be seeking sympathy and possible compensation from government.

“The Government has been consistent in making clear that all victims of torture and those who died or were injured in violent riots will receive the full course of justice and that they will be compensated. The MIA announced recently that these processes are in advanced stages. Could this be a source of motivation for Marinos Alexandria in coming up with these baseless allegations?”

Alternatively, Kulayingye says Marinos could be trying to leave the country and seek asylum aborad.

“We have witnessed, and most of us must be aware that one of the quickest ways to claim asylum or refugee status in Europe & North America especially is to claim persecution at home in one way or another. Could this be a source of motivation for Marinos Alexandria Aka Esther? “

“Whatever her motivations might be, we will continue to review this particular incident until we establish exactly what is happening. To reiterate, the entire Government of Uganda and indeed, the Commander in Chief and the entire UPDF Leadership have been very steadfast in condemning torture and all other acts of degrading and inhuman treatment. This position has not changed.”


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