SHARK ALERT: Bronze whalers spotted at St James and Muizenberg


St James beachgoers have been asked to be extra vigilant after a shark was spotted in the area. Shark safety and research organisation Shark Spotters caught a glimpse of a bronze whaler shark at around 14:00 on Tuesday 8 February 2022. Another warning was issued shortly thereafter when a second bronze whaler was spotted at Muizenberg Beach and in Kogel Bay on the same day.

Warning issued for beachgoers after bronze whaler shark spotted in Cape Town

Everyone always says it’s better to be safe and sorry and that is for good reason. St James Beach authorities have called on beachgoers in the area to stay cautious after they spotted a bronze whaler in the area.

Later that day, they also took to their Facebook to warn that another bronze whaler was also spotted at the Muizenberg beach and in Kogel Bay on the same day.

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Why caution is warranted

Bronze whalers, which are also known as copper or narrowtooth sharks, are not known to be predatory towards humans. African Shark Eco-Charters, however, warns that humans stay clear of the sharp-toothed animal, especially during feeding time.

This is because these animals – that grow up to 3.3m – tend to get excited while they enjoy a diet of small bony fish, cartilaginous fish, and other cephalopods.

Bronze whalers, unlike Great Whites, prefer to move in packs, so if you spot one, there is probably a group of them nearby.

Unfortunately, the publication also reports that a human has been attacked by a bronze whaler. They also added that they are on the endangered list.

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