November 27, 2020


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Seven teen girls go missing after being lured by job advert

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7 families are in distress after their teenage girls disappeared having being lured by a job advert. The seven 16-year old girls were lured by the advert which was advertising for movie casting roles.

Fiona Otieno, the cousin to one of the victims, posted a video on Twitter appealing for help from the public to trace her cousin and the other missing girls. Her cousin, Sharon Ndunge Muoka went missing a few days ago.

Sharon, together with six other girls, were last seen in Komarock,Nairobi. According to Fiona, they were  in contact with a caucasian male using an American number.

Saturday night

Sharon’s family has confirmed that she went missing. Her cousin, Barbra Yvette highlighted that she was a form one student at Chogoria Girls’ High School.

“We are very worried after her disappearance. She is a minor and does not have any identification documents. They can easily traffic her out of the country,” Yvette said.

“She left the house at night on Saturday. Before leaving, she used the mum’s phone to call the international number because her parents had confiscated her phone. We do not have the means to contact her,” she added.

Yvette also revealed that they had tried tracking down the number on 19th November. The last time it was on, the owner was traveling to Mombasa. Additionally, she revealed that they are yet to know the identity of the person who owns the phone.  officers suspect that the number was generated by an application to conceal the identity of the user.

Sharon had told some of her family members that she had signed some papers after securing the job. However, her cousin had doubts since the alleged organization did not involve her parents yet she is a minor.

“I had doubts because she said she signed some documents yet she is underage. If it was a legitimate organization they would have talked to the parents first,” Yvette said.

Source: Seven teen girls go missing after being lured by job advert