Sejusa Yields as Court Orders Him Out of Retirement

Former of Military Intelligence, Gen David Sejusa has revealed that he will not challenge a constitutional court ruling which overturned an earlier High Court order; and in effect forced him out of retirement from the army.

The General inferred on Wednesday that he was exhausted by the court battles over the past 25 years, and would not appeal the recent Constitutional ruling in the Supreme Court.

“I Will Not Appeal to Supreme Court!” said Sejusa in response to the news of the Appellate Court.

“In 1996-7 Case, I Won in Constitutional Court; Gov’t Appealed to Supreme Court; It Won. In 2016 Case, I Won in High Court. Govt Appealed to Court of Appeal…Thank you All Who Have Stood by Me(us) In These Battles!”

The Court of Appeal this week overturned the 2016 High Court ruling which had declared Sejusa as a retired army officer.

High Court judge, Justice Margaret Oumo-Oguli determined at the time that Gen Sejusa ceased to be a UPDF officer on April 8, 2015 since the 90 days within which the UPDF Commissions Board ought to have officially communicated his decision to him had expired.

She further ruled that the refusal by the UPDF to pay Sejusa’s salary and other benefits, withdrawal of his army uniforms and guns as well as the refusal to deploy him amounted to constructive discharge from the army.

Government however, through the Attorney General challenged this verdict in the Constitutional Court, which this week pronounced itself in the former’s favour.

Judges Christopher Madrama, Monica Mugenyi and Irene Mulyagonja on grounds that the UPDF Act does not prescribe an automatic resignation following an application by an officer to the statutory commissions board.

The Court’s ruling implies that Gen Sejusa, who fiercely fell out with the army and President Museveni, forcing him into exile in 2013, can now be recalled and redeployed by the Commander in Chief.

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