Seize my assets if I have not been paying tax – MAMA NGINA KENYATTA dares KRA and tells RUTO and his allies to shut up (VIDEO)

Sunday, February 5, 2023 – Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta has urged the government of President William Ruto to seize her assets if she has not been paying taxes as required by the constitution.

Addressing claims made by a section of President William Ruto’s allies that the Kenyatta family is not paying taxes, Ngina, the matriarch of the larger Kenyatta family, said anyone committing such a felony should be prosecuted.

She spoke in a church in Mpeketoni, Lamu County, where she added that anyone evading tax should be prosecuted in a court of law and the wealth seized.

While telling off politicians soiling her family’s name, the Kenyatta matriarch said anyone evading tax should face the wrath of the law, further asking the government to take her properties if at all she withheld her taxes from the tax man.

“Paying income tax is compulsory for everyone in the country. This is not an issue that should be spoken about in the newspapers, meetings, or on TV because paying tax is a must lest one is taken to court.

“There is no need to badmouth anyone so as to be perceived as if you are working. No. Tax evaders should be prosecuted in court and let them pay what they have to pay. Even if it is me, that I have foregone a year without paying taxes, let the wealth be confiscated so that it can help pay the taxes,” Ngina said.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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