Seed growing technology breakthroughs this year

As more and more countries decide to legalize or decriminalize cannabis, the market has responded with lots of promise for growth both now and in the future. However, to meet that growth, there has been a steady advancement in modern technologies that help growers produce top-quality seeds.

Whether users want to buy their seeds or produce their own, cultivation methods are essential, which is where new and better technology comes in. Let’s take a look at how seeds at i49 benefit from these trends.

LED Fixtures

As the market has grown, so has the use of LED fixtures, especially fans. More recently, however, LED fixtures are taking on a decidedly different look.

LED fixtures can be used indoors to better coordinate output and maintain a routine. Growers use these technologies to improve the quality of all their products, from plants to seeds, which, in turn, helps their bottom line.

CO2 Enrichment

Another method growers have developed to improve the quality of their products is with CO2 enrichment. CO2 enrichment is used in tandem with ventilation systems that help produce cannabis faster than in grows without them.

Input-Based Controls

Input-based controls are one of the most popular trends in the cannabis industry and can be easily compared with precision techniques used in conventional agriculture. These have been used in greenhouses for years, but they are making strong gains in 2020. Input controls help growers control environmental elements better and easier, and most often without their direct supervision. Perhaps even better, these controls make environmental adjustments automatically, sometimes without an owner’s knowledge.

Input-based controls help growers to create optimal environments that result in the best products. Perhaps the most exciting thing about input-based controls is their versatility, which allows them to adapt to practically any type of greenhouse or grow room. The controls can also be used with virtually any other technology that might be included in a greenhouse. And, regardless of the environment, input-based controls can be used at any stage of a crop’s growth.

Input-based controls continue to advance, allowing growers to work less closely with their plants and achieve optimal results. Despite this, owners must remain informed of their crop’s status at any time. It’s entirely possible that, in the future, greenhouses will be completely automated by software.

The Bottom Line

Technology has already transformed the cannabis industry, whether the grow is large or small. Although some of these technologies are prohibitive in some instances, just as is the case with most technologies, prices are falling as they become more widespread.

As technology manufacturers continue developing new products, there can be little doubt that the rate of adoption will grow among large and small producers, and those growers seek to create better weed and seeds.

Technology has taken virtually every industry to new heights. It happened with cars and computers, and it is happening today with cannabis plants and seeds. It is easy to assume that, throughout the remainder of this year and into the future, technology will herald significant changes in the cannabis industry. There can be little doubt that these technologies will benefit both hobbyist growers and industry professionals. Regardless of the form these technologies take, it is a safe bet that those in the industry will embrace them wholeheartedly.

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