Samsung’s foldable display boasts US military-grade durability

By Jo He-rim |

Samsung Display on Monday said its foldable panel for smartphones has passed the US military’s material durability test, proving its strength in withstanding the harsh conditions of operational and combat zones.

According to the display maker, its 7-inch foldable panel used in the latest foldable smartphones passed the MIL-STD 810G test, which is the US Department of Defense’s military standard.

First developed as a certification for equipment and materials for military applications, the standard has been developed and adopted for commercial standards.

“This military spec certification confirms Samsung Display’s technological advantage in the foldable display market, which has become the next-generation form factor,” said Cho Yong-seok, who leads the marketing division for small and medium businesses at Samsung Display.

“We look forward to seeing foldable panels utilized in a wider variety of devices and environments, (breaking) the prejudice that foldables are not durable.”

To verify the durability of its 7-inch foldable panels, Samsung Display commissioned UL Solutions, a safety certification agency, to conduct tests on four criteria of MIL-STD 810G, including temperature, shock, and other factors that can be encountered in everyday and outdoor activities.

The foldable panels were put in an environment where the temperature was lowered to minus 10 degrees Celsius, and water was sprayed onto the surface of the panel to create a layer of ice 6 millimeters thick. The panel was left in a frozen state for four hours and still operated normally, the company said.

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