Samburu leaders sensitize residents against selling land

A section of leaders from Samburu County have embarked on a sensitization program to stop area residents from selling their land and make good use of land title deeds.

Samburu Women Representative Maison Leshoomo said the leaders will move in areas where group ranch land has been subdivided and locals issued with title deeds.

“Together with the governor and his officers under lands department, we will visit all areas where land titles have been distributed and educate people on the importance of titles so that children cannot steal and change the name of their father so that a woman cannot suffer as her husband goes to sell the land without informing her,” she said.

Samburu County Governor Moses Lenolkulal and Ms Leshoomo thanked Jubilee government under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta for distributing ten thousand title deeds in Samburu County for the first time since independence.

“We thank our president because for the past more than sixty years, here in Samburu we have never gotten title deeds like the ones we have gotten this time, for the first time we have got our names on titles because of Uhuru Kenyatta’s government,” he said

The governor said that the county government will continue creating awareness to stop people from selling land and make good use of title deeds for future generations.

As an appreciation for launching the title deed distribution program, Leshoomo said that residents of Samburu County have vowed to support President Kenyatta on the Building Bridges Initiative to the ladder for more development.

“Samburus will never forget this in their lives, they will remember this day that during President Kenyatta’s tenure, they got title deeds, tarmac road, electricity connected to their houses and they have vowed to fully support President Kenyatta on the BBI,” she said.

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