SAFTU calls on authorities to act on Zweli Mkhize’s R6m ‘kickback scandal’

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) has said that it was not shocked at the revelation that the former Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize benefitted a kickback amounting to R5.9 million.

Mkhize was allegedly involved in another corruption scandal that included squandering of unemployed workers’ money.


According to a Daily Maverick investigation, Zweli Mkhize is alleged to have benefitted from a kickback amounting to R5.9 million that helped in securing a townhouse in 2018.

SAFTU said the African National Congress (ANC) has proven over a period of corruption and looting that it is a den for corrupt leaders. 

“The corrupt practices have ossified into a culture to the point that even amongst members and leaders in the ANC it’s not a misnomer to score tenders irregularly, kickbacks from tenders in municipalities and nepotism.

“It is clear that Zweli Mkhize and many other leaders in the ANC are what the former president of the ANC, Thabo Mbeki, referred to as ‘Mr 10 percent’ whilst addressing the extended Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) of the ANC in the Eastern Cape. The “Mr 10 percents” are the corrupt leaders who specialise in kickbacks from government and other spheres of our society.

The union said many workers have complained that it is often difficult to obtain their UIF funds whenever they apply, yet individuals that are actually responsible for the worsening unemployment have been the main beneficiaries of the funds because of their mere political networks and connections.

“SAFTU further demands that upon testing these allegations in the tribunals or courts of law, those found guilty should be given harsh sentences. In the light of a rotten governing party, where corruption has been formalised, it is only heavy prison sentences that can serve as the deterrent to the would-be looters.”

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