Rwanda Man Shot at the Border Escapes from Hospital

Rusizi Rwamayanje, one of the victims of Friday’s shooting in Kabale district has escaped from Rubaya Health Centre IV in Ryakarimira town council.

Rusizi Rwamayanje escaped shortly after he was admitted.

He was in a group of 10 other Rwandan nationals when they were shot at by Rwanda security personnel while crossing from Uganda in the evening.

Rwanda maintains tight security at its border with Uganda following a diplomatic misunderstanding at the start of last year which resulted in the closure of the border at Katuna.

A number of people both Ugandan and Rwanda have been gunned down by Rwanda forces for trying to illegally cross the border.

In last week’s shooting, 23 year old Chabobuzi Bizimuremye alias Chabobo was shot in the chest and died while being rushed to Muguri health centre II in Ryakarimira town council, Kabale district.

The deceased and his colleagues had spent the evening at Muguri trading centre in Uganda drinking and were heading back home when they were intercepted.

Three of them were injured in the shooting and were rushed to Muguri health centre II and later transferred to Rubaya health centre IV for adequate treatment.

However, an official speaking anonymously to ChimpReports said upon reaching the facility, Rwamayanje disappeared in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The official says security has not yet confirmed if he is still hiding in Uganda or crossed back to Rwanda.

Following the escape, security decided to transfer another victim Ronald Nyihabusa to Kabale Regional Referral Hospital.

Meanwhile the body of Chabobuzi Bizimuremye was still at Kabale regional referral hospital mortuary while five of the Rwandan Nationals who were smuggling waragi with the victims are being detained at Kabale central police station.  They include Theodore Broshimana, Bosco Manirafashe, Aron Nagitimana, Kasasira Jabilimasi and Jean Damuru Habyarimana.

Eight people including Ugandan and Rwandan nationals have been killed by Rwandan security operatives since the border closure in February 2019.


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