RUTO is trembling as we speak as UHURU officially begins his campaigns for RAILA with Sagana 3 meeting – See what the president is expected to do at the summit?

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 – President Uhuru Kenyatta is officially beginning his campaigns for ODM Leader Raila Odinga with the highly charged Sagana 3 meeting that will bring together over 20,000 representatives from all the Mt. Kenya counties.

Uhuru is expected to use the meeting to minimize the perceived influence of Deputy President William Ruto in the region.

He will use the Sagana 3 meeting to push for a common political stand on the August 9 election by the region.

“The meeting will deal with issues of grassroots mobilization and take a common stand on the August 9 polls in favor of Raila Odinga’s candidature. The President is expected to give the direction we should approach the election,” a highly placed source revealed.

Besides, the president will use the opportunity to finally reveal the reasons for the fallout with his Deputy, William Ruto.

“We will be waiting to hear him tell us what it is that his deputy did to him, leading to the fall out… People still do not know what caused the fallout. We will also be waiting to hear him tell us what political direction the region will take and how that will happen.”

“He will also be explaining to us why he feels that we are safe under Azimio La Umoja and what the region’s stake is in Azimio in terms of how the coalition agreement will be drawn and implemented,” the source further revealed.

According to Political scientist Oscar Otele, a lecturer at the University of Nairobi, the Sagana 3 meeting is likely to change the country’s political course depending on how President Uhuru puts across his message.


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