Ruto: Govt won’t infringe on Constitutional rights, freedoms of Kenyans

Kenyans are at liberty to openly express their views on pertinent issues affecting them, President William Ruto has said.

Speaking a day after a section of citizens staged demonstrations in the city to protest tax proposals contained in the Finance Bill 2024, the head of state maintained that his administration has no issue with Kenyans making their feelings known on any matter and in a manner they deem suitable. He said that right is enshrined in the Constitution and he will abide by it.

“I will make sure Kenya continues to be a robust democracy where people speak their minds and we all assist in taking the country where we all want it to be,” he said

“Civil society is free to do what they want to do. We are a democratic country. Those who want to demonstrate can demonstrate, it is within their right. But the decisions have to be made by institutions. We will make decisions as Executive, take it to Legislature and people of Kenya will speak through public participation and that is how democracy works,” he added

President Ruto reiterated the importance of public views in development-related affairs such as the ongoing discourse on taxation and promised to ensure Kenyans have a platform to bring to the fore all the divergent voices for the benefit of the country.

“The decisions we make as government are not final. The people of Kenya ultimately must speak to the very program. Every tax that we raise, every policy we put in place, the people of Kenya must speak to it so that it gives it legitimacy,” he said

He also urged Kenyans to respect institutions put in place to handle various issues to promote harmony at all times.

“I will make sure that as a democratic country, all institutions work for the people of Kenya. It is the way we are going to take Kenya to the future. Every arm of government is carrying out their mandate. As President, I respect institutions so that we can make the right decisions and centralize the place of the people of Kenya,” he said

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