Russia reaches 2 million cases of covid-19 and sets new death record

Woman wears coronavirus protection mask as she leaves Moscow metro station, Russia Image: Yuri Kadobnov / AFP

Moscow, 19 Nov 2020 (AFP) – Russia today surpassed the 2 million patients with covid-19, also registering two new records of daily infections and deaths. Despite this picture, the authorities continue to reject widespread confinement.

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Health officials reported 23,610 new infections and 463 new deaths today, bringing the total to 2.02 million cases detected since the pandemic began in the country, in addition to 34,850 deaths.

The number of victims reflects a much lower mortality than in other parts of the world, but the authorities only account for deaths that, after the autopsy, were caused mainly by coronavirus.

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Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the situation was “worrying” and asked Russian regions, which are less equipped than Moscow to deal with the pandemic, not to “make the situation golden” and not “pretend everything is fine. “.

According to him, several regions face the shortage of drugs for patients with coronavirus, or the lack of ambulances.

The authorities have already ruled out a new national confinement, to avoid a further slowdown in the Russian economy, already weakened by this same measure adopted at the beginning of the year and by Western sanctions.

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In October, Putin spoke of “selective and justified” measures that could be taken independently in Russian regions.

According to the Ministry of Health, 84% of beds intended for the treatment of patients with covid-19 were occupied on Monday.

Russia is also counting on the production of its own coronavirus vaccines, including Sputnik V, praised by Vladimir Putin, but which, so far, has only aroused international suspicion.

Source: Russia reaches 2 million cases of covid-19 and sets new death record