Romantic or ridiculous? Daredevil date has tweeps shaking [watch]

Imagine an intimate date with your partner at a location with views to die for – literally!

A Brazilian travel agency is offering tourists the opportunity to fine dine 50 metres above land. If this doesn’t sound crazy enough, picture yourself over a crashing waterfall below.

But whilst the activity is extremely popular, South Africans are not sold on the idea.


With the month of love still in full swing, many couples are looking for ways to spice up their relationships.

Adventurous dates are becoming increasingly popular for adrenaline junkie couples, with many choosing to go to great lengths in their quest for thrilling seeking.

Located in at the Cachoeirão do Rio Cerquinha waterfall more than 50 metres high, the “floating party” offers visitors to choose how they would like to be suspended in mid-air: lying in a hammock, enjoying a wine party, having lunch or drinking coffee or playing on a swing.
All participants are fitted with a safety harness.

But whilst dangling over a waterfall may sound like child’s play for such couples, South Africans are not finding it their cup of tea.

A local Twitter account tweeted a clip of the experience and tweeps quickly weighed in.

This looks romantic

— K U L A N I (@kulanicool) February 13, 2022

And many politely declined.

“I will faint and fall off”

“Death by romance

“I cant even dream of that”

“Either this is for ‘taking things to new heights’ or when the relationship is hanging by a thread”


I know my policies are up to date but ngeke!

— Rhulani (@2Rhulani) February 13, 2022

It’s either, they PUSH you or they drop d PHONE .

— Dutch (@DR_LOVE_SA) February 13, 2022

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