‘RHOWL’s Anita Lloyd speaks out about husband’s retirement

Week after week, Anita Lloyd’s comments have viewers of the Real Housewives van die Wynlande show in stitches. And while many are not fans, others applaud her for her authenticity. In an interview with Sarie, Anita opened up about her life after the show and her husband, Boyce’s retirement.

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While South Africans are still week after week tuning in to see what the ladies of the Real Housewives van die Wynlande get up to, Anita is currently in the US, spending some much-needed quality time with friends and family.

“After months of running around between production schedules, I finally have more time for myself again, and can I get to my normal routine again,” she told Sarie.

And yes, of course, she knows about the rumours that her participation in the show was why her husband had to step down in his role as CEO of KWV. But, he’s in the middle of last year and already told the stakeholders that he would be retiring,” Anita is quick to clear up any confusion to the publication.

Anita Lloyd from the ‘Real Housewives van die Wynlande’ is known to ruffle feathers with her quips and comments. Image: Screenshot via Twitter @kykNETtv.


In fact, Boyce always wanted to retire at 55 as he believed an “8-5 job” does not have to define a person, Anita explains her husband’s decision to step down.

In fact, she reveals that her hubby will now have more time to enjoy his love of fishing. Boyce enjoys rock and shore angling on club and provincial levels and boasts Gauteng-North as well as Western-Province colours in the sport.

“Over the years, he used a lot of his leave on the sport, and I am definitely looking forward to spending more time with him, especially to explore South Africa and visit with friends that live far,” Anita told the publication.

But they won’t just be lounging around and traveling the country. Boyce is helping with sports administration on club and provincial level, while Anita has her daily tasks and routine to keep her busy.

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In one of the most recent episodes, the Paarl resident opened her home to the rest of the women on the Real Housewives van die Wynlande show. And as always, the viewers had much to say about her home and the fact that she basically threw the ladies out of her home.

So how does she deal with negative comments?

“It’s difficult to experience and process negative comments. But I do, of course, understand the origin and reason for the negative comments, and it helps to have this perspective. If you know why you can learn from it,” she told the publication.

Some of the comments on the show, good and bad, include:

Lol I nogal enjoyed die real housewives van die Wynlande. Karen and Anita seem messy

— Just Cleo (@PsychoPatra_VII) April 23, 2023

@kykNETtv @DStv #Realhousewifes #winelands #AnitaLloyd, remarks shameful! Pathetic series in a country where the majority struggle to put food on the table . Detached individuals need a wake call! ROME IS BURNING!

— Big (@biggleslu) May 18, 2023

My fav is Anita… the real housewives van die wynlande

— Mmalesiba (@Mmalesiba3) May 1, 2023

I love die real housewives van die wynlande, they are so wealthy and aren’t scared to own it. My fave so far is Anita

— A Global Media PowerHouse. (@Ndamase_Siya) May 8, 2023

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