Revelers delight their palate at the Kabagarame Kampala Food Festival

By Our Reporter

A total of 62 cooks, over 3,000 kilos of pork, and assorted ingredients boarded a bus from Bushenyi on Friday 29th April on the way to Kampala for the Kabagarame Kampala Food Festival, which happened on Saturday 30th April at the Uganda Museum.

The festival brought the essence of western Uganda’s Kabagarame weekly pork market, which is located along the Mbarara-Ishaka road in Bushenyi District to the capital city, in partnership with Bell Lager.

The festival attracted revelers looking to get a taste of the famous pork market.

And a taste they got – as an authentic experience was what the organisers delivered to the tee – with the traditionally prepared pork served in trays alongside blended millet (kalo) or mashed plantain (matooke) and accompanied by cold beer.

As the guests reveled in the delicacies, they were entertained by DJs Alberto and Mark from Crooze FM, as the entire experience was designed for Mpola Enjoyments – Bell Lager’s thematic campaign, through which consumers are encouraged to have fun in a chill, laid back manner with friends and family while enjoying some meat and cold beer.

While speaking about the experience, Matilda Babuleka, Bell Lager’s brand manager, said, “Kabagarame creates opportunities for families and friends to come together and enjoy a taste that is truly Ugandan, and this is a perfect depiction of Mpola Enjoyments. Our consumers can have a good time as long as they have their loved ones around, can enjoy delicious meat recipes alongside a chilled Bell Lager, without the pressure to be in a bar or club.”

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